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Next Generation
Audio-Visual System

Audio/Visual Project Update 


  With the first weekend of our new system now behind us, I am personally very pleased with the results. Most of the components worked as planned and demonstrated a great improvement over our prior system. However, there were “growing pains” that should be expected that over the next few weeks we will be able to correct. 


  We need to keep in mind the complexity of the new system, and what it takes to get it fully programed and operational. Just with the audio portion alone, there are 1000’s of options that need to be tuned in to produce the proper sound. Although the new system will be easier to operate, there is a tremendous amount of fine tuning to get us to that point.  


  Next week our friends from Vibe will be back in town to complete the installation, as not all the components were received in time to be implemented over the last two weeks.  For example, the new equipment to be used for the live streaming has just arrived. They will also be continuing to work with the system to produce the best possible worship experience that our Sanctuary will allow.  


  We need to hear from you with your comments, questions, and concerns. That will help us to understand what is working and also what we need to try and improve upon. Please feel free to contact me at All I ask is that whatever you have to offer, it be done in a personal, private, and positive way. Keep in mind that we have 100’s of listeners and viewers, many of whom have their own perspective of the new system. We are and will continue to make improvements as we move forward, till we get the new system working as it should for all of us. However, we all need to recognize that it will take time to get there. In advance, I want to thank you for your patience! 


Bob Lowry

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