COVID-19 Update


The CDC now says that those who have been vaccinated can resume pre-pandemic activities without a mask or social distancing. They recommend that unvaccinated people continue to wear masks and socially distance. Due to these changes and improving conditions, the Session voted to make masking and distancing optional, but also respected and honored for those who wish to continue either or both.  


To accommodate those who would prefer to maintain social distancing, both side sections of the sanctuary have every other pew closed. Those sitting there will continue to keep distancing within the open pews as well. Communion on the first Sunday of the month will be done using the individual packets for the time being.  


We recognize that for some, this new freedom may take time to get used to, so before bear hugging anyone, please ask their permission!


Covid protocols governing masking and distancing and limits on gathering size have also been rescinded by Session, though of course both distancing and masking are optional anywhere on our property.


The survey sent to members and regular attenders showed that of 181 responders 98% are vaccinated! 


We thank God for these changes and hope that more and more people can return to full engagement in the worship and life of the church as you feel comfortable. 


Sunday worship at 10:30am will continue to be livestreamed indefinitely. You can join us online by clicking one of the following website, Facebook, or YouTube.