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This is a useful way to keep track of the activities of LPC on YouTube. This includes all virtual worship services, video devotionals, and some online Bible studies, and more! Just go to and search “Lowcountry Presbyterian Church.” You should see our LPC page with our LPC logo at the top after you hit enter. Just click the red “Subscribe” button to the right and that’s it! Feel free to peruse old worship services and rewatch our weekly devotionals.


United Nations Children's Fund

A donation of $500 to UNICEF from Lowcountry Presbyterian supports their humanitarian response for children impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the world.  It is focusing its response to the pandemic on countries with existing humanitarian crises - working both to prevent transmission and mitigate the collateral impacts on children, women and vulnerable populations, especially around access to health, nutrition, water and sanitation, education and protection.  Donations received by July 15 will be matched 5 times over by a generous group of supporters.  If you would like to add to this amount, go online at


Live-streaming made possible!

After doing extensive research the Technology Task Force has identified the equipment needed to do live streaming of our worship services once we are gathering again for worship.  This technology will allow those who don’t attend services to either watch online as we worship, or to watch later as the recorded service will continue to be uploaded to be watched through Facebook and YouTube. 

The task force will order the needed equipment as funds are available in the Technology Fund account.

Image by Balázs Kétyi

Kindles for Kids

Donations for Kindles for Kids from the May Change Can Make a Change has reached over $1,200!  This in addition to $500 from the mission budget means that our congregation has supplied 30+ Kindles to area schools.  However, there are still 3 schools in the Beaufort County School District that need Kindles for their K-1 students.  The higher grades already have them so with the addition of the Kindles for K-1 every student will be connected with their teachers and school. Each Kindle Fire costs $55 including tax and shipping.  If you would still like to help out, please make a check payable to LPC with "Kindles for Kids" in the memo section.  Every little bit counts.  We do not want these students falling behind in their classwork because they cannot attend school!

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