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Fellowship Hall Renovation Project

Our Fellowship Hall was in serious need of renovations to remain a safe place. The renovation honors Al and Marian Thomas for their commitment to serving Christ through LPC and also through their volunteer work in the community. We received a substantial donation from Al and Marian’s children, Vincent & Barbara Thomas and Pamela Thomas-Graham, to kick the renovation off. The Session approved the renaming of Fellowship Hall to Albert and Marian Thomas Hall. In addition to their donation, we raised over $150,000 to complete construction. Thank you for your generosity!


As of November, the New Albert and Marian Thomas Hall was completed!

Thomas Hall Dedication Ceremony and Luncheon:

FH Rehab Presentation.png

The renovations will include improvements through construction of the following:

New Roof

New Kitchen Cabinets

Paint Walls

Remodel Bathrooms

New luxury vinyl plank flooring throughout

ceiling tiles

New 16’ x 24’ room on existing patio site

New Hardie Plank siding on rear additions


The Fellowship Hall fundraising campaign raised over $150,000 including cash contributions and pledges. We greatly appreciate the incredible support from the congregation. We are waiting for an estimate from the contractor to repair or replace the water damaged front wall. We are hopeful that we have raised sufficient funds to cover this unforeseen additional expense. We will keep the congregation advised as the renovation continues.

Image by Morvanic Lee

During Construction:

Abstract Blue Light

Audio-Visual System

The Audio Visual Project - A Tremendous Success

With the new equipment all in place and up and running, there are no other
words to use to describe our AV project other than a Tremendous Success.  
First and foremost, the improvement in the sound quality has been amazing.  
The increase in our microphone capabilities has added to that success.  
But how about on our large screen being able to talk to a woman in Ukraine
in real-time? Or Chris being able to project a video for a class she is
holding from the pulpit? Or at Easter being able to see Lila and JR's
presentation on their mission trip? Or words to a hymn being shown during
service? Or the Temple being able to also do the same? Or the new assisted hearing devices? Or the new Live Streaming capabilities? Or the new monitor in the rear to show the choir the cross?  Well, you get the picture, and yet with all of that, we are just beginning to scratch the surface on what we can do. 

Then with all of this in place, we did it with an approximate $10,000 surplus from our original budget. This includes acquiring our new assisted hearing system which was $7,600 and not part of the original design. As a congregation, we recognized a need, developed a plan, financially supported it, hired a capable contractor in Vibe, and then executed the plan we laid out. Certainly, we had issues that came up along the way that we had to react to, and changes were made. In addition, there are still some things that come up even now that we need to respond to and adjust. With all the new equipment that is to be expected. However, with all that we have achieved and with all we are now capable of doing, it has all been so worthwhile!

Finally, as a team, we want to thank you for all your support. It is about 3 years ago at the start of COVID that this all began for us and look where we are today. Even in the midst of heartache and tragedy, God Shines His Light!

- Bob Lowry-Chair, Carol Bogle, Janit Maguire, Jim Martin, Chuck Thomas, Larry Tremitiere

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