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There are countless opportunities to serve our Lord at LPC, such as:

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Live Streaming Cannot Happen Without You:

Ernest Bush

Thanks to the generosity of several members of the congregation LPC now has all of the equipment in place necessary to livestream worship services!  Bob Lowry and Chuck Thomas have been using the new equipment to livestream worship services on Sunday morning.  

While Bob and Chuck will continue to operate the live-streaming video equipment for the time being, to be successful LPC will need a new team of volunteers to eventually take over that responsibility. So, if you have an interest learning something new and making a major contribution to the church, this is your opportunity! 


We will need a minimum of four two-person teams that are willing to each take responsibility for operating the video recording equipment at the 10:30 AM Sunday worship service.  Volunteers should be prepared to spend approximately two hours on their assigned Sunday morning to allow time to set up, record and put away the equipment.  Training will be provided.

So, if you want to indulge your inner “Hollywood” longing please contact Ernest Bush and put yourself on the list! 

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